"Smoothes Dance Moves"

Natasha and Bom’s wedding incorporated Natasha’s New Zealand, Maori & Cook Islander cultural background alongside Bom’s Filipino and Czech background. The couple succeeded in sharing a simple , laid back & enjoyable wedding day with their guests. The couple noticed each other out at club’s but never introduced themselves. Tash realised that she hasn’t seen Bom out for a while until one night she bumped into Bom and asked where he’s been. They clicked from there & became friends . A few months later, they ended up together after a big night out & haven’t looked back. 10 years on, they have built a life together with a home and two beautiful children. Thank you to all the Vendors who were part of the wedding.

Photographer – Faure Valletta | Wedding Photographer | Hair Stylist – Emma Walsh | Makeup Artist – Vera Glamcevski | Florist – Mazzika Events | Officiant/Celebrant – Joanne Love | Master of Ceremonies – Suzi Bayes-Morton | DJ/Band – Musiq Entertainment