The Best Wedding Vendors in Sydney

Let’s face a harsh reality – the wedding industry is over saturated. And we say that as members working within the wedding industry.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, for engaged-couples and businesses alike – it means that there are vendors with different styles, specialties, approaches, and prices for the simplest, most intimate of weddings, to the most awe-inducingly extravagant.

It’s important to consider your vision and goals for the final event – how you want it to look, feel, and sound. But there’s a consistent between all weddings, no matter the aesthetic – you definitely want it to run with no stress or unforeseen issues arising.

And that outcome can only be achieved with the professionalism, expertise, and skill of the vendors you select. It’s only when it comes to narrowing down your final choices between businesses that things become difficult. So we’ve done the hard job for you. Read on to find out more about the most unique, professional, and talented wedding vendors in Sydney.

Steven Khalil

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for – the dress. The one your mother, grandmother, and future children will admire, adore, and ask about. You want your dress to not only make you look and feel incredible, but to represent you and your personality.

custom couture piece from Steve

Gather & Stitch Beauty

Looking for the right hair and makeup artist can be a challenge. Finding one that has the expertise, resources, and love for creating beautiful looks for all ethnic backgrounds can be an even bigger one. There’s not one boring image to be found here.

Makeup artists and Hair stylists