"Life of Purpose"

They first met when they were 12 and Lochana (Groom) was 16 – he was the boy that always teased Shamani (Bride) and made fun of her when they hung out with their families and Friends. During high school they went separate ways and then coincidentally they ended up working in opposite buildings in the city when Shamani finished school.

They bumped into each other on the street and Lochana gave her his card and told her to email him! They hung out, Shamani had a crush on him – nothing happened, and they both went out separate ways. They met each other again a year later and started hanging out again, as their parents were really good family friends they had to be sure that this was the right thing to do as they both knew there was something there, but if Lochana asked her out it would be for good. So then

Lochana went to America for a holiday saying that if things are meant to be it will be.

When he came back Shamani moved on and so they again went their separate ways. A couple of years later they started hanging out again and it couldn’t be helped that this was meant to be and Lochana regretted not asking Shamani out earlier and so he took her to this really pretty spot by the harbour, made me a box filled with rose petals and cards stating everything he loved about her and asked her out! A year and a half later he proposed! and now recently they got married.

Photographer – The Wanderers | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist – Harris Wijesinghe | Officiant/Celebrant – Sheree Ward | Event Coordinator – Little brown book | Musician/DJ – DJ VJ/Vintage Season